The results are impressive so far…

weight training for women 6I’m not sure you’re aware but I’m now concentrating more on weight training for women.

More so than weight loss.


Well, just look at these results so far (after just 8 days)…

  • Body fat down 2%
  • 3 lbs weight loss BUT more muscle mass
  • More hydrated
  • Better energy
  • Stronger and better posture
  • Reduced metabolic age – always the one women want!

That’s just a sample of a few women who are currently attending my 28-Day Weight Training Challenge.

Do you know the best bit though?

They aren’t on a diet, they are probably eating MORE but of the right foods. The sort of foods your body loves in order to get stronger, fitter and healthier.

OK, they have adjusted their eating so that they have cut out a few things, such as bread, alcohol and sugar.

BUT they have replaced them with healthy, nutritious foods.

The best thing about the whole Challenge is the support the women are giving to each other. I created a special Facebook group and they all contribute with recipes, meal ideas, motivation and more.

A social group works, there is no doubt about that. It’s great to see women achieving their goals in a short space of time and not one of them has counted points, calories, syns or coloured days.

I’m thinking of running another Weight Training Challenge in February. I will be looking for 15 women looking for real change.

Maybe that’s you.

It’s definitely NOT you if you enjoy the constant New Year yo-yo diet club or you like to count your calories. Or if you’re happy with your fitness and your shape right now.

If you want real change, get in touch for the next round.