The results are in…Losing weight is still your number one issue!

losing weightLast week, I sent out a survey and the response was great. Thank you to those who responded – if it weren’t for you then I’d never know what you want me to provide.

The results were very interesting – here they are by percentages. Some questions had more than one answer, hence the larger cumulative percentages.

1. What would be most important to you right now (one answer only)?

Losing weight 54%
Getting stronger 8%
Getting fitter 31%
Eating more healthily 8%

2. What are your main health issues (answered all that apply)?

Overweight or obese 23%
Fat around your tummy 62%
Fat around your hips and thighs 31%
Arms (‘bingo wings’) 27%
Poor overall fitness 35%
Not very strong 15%
Poor diet 23%

3. What would motivate you the most to get fit (one answer only)?

Hiring a Personal Trainer 32%
Attending local group fitness classes 32%
Attending a gym 16%
Home DVDs 8%
An online fitness programme 12%

4. What would you like more of to help with your health and fitness (answered all that apply)?

Healthy recipes 36%
Healthy eating plans 40%
More choice of classes 48%
Workout videos 16%
Interesting articles and blog posts 16%
Health and fitness newsletter 12%
Competitions and prizes 4%
Online training programmes 32%

5. Do you like any of these names for ladies-only fitness products (one answer only)?

Fit For Women 23%
Fitness For Women 77%

6. Would you consider buying any of the following (answered all that apply)?

Fitness DVDs 30%
Fitness eBooks 13%
Fitness Classes 48%
Fitness sessions with a Personal Trainer 65%
Online fitness programmes 26%

As you can see, 54% of you want to lose weight. The term ‘weight loss’ is one of the most searched terms on Google too!

With 31% of you wanting to get fitter, it means that a whopping 85% of you could benefit from a weight loss and fitness programme. Something for me to think about there!

When asked about your main health issues, 62% of you are concerned with fat around your tummy.

That’s a staggering figure as it means almost two thirds of you want to be trimmer around your waist. It is so important to address this too because fat around your tummy means fat around your organs, which could have major health consequences in time.

Motivation with your fitness seems to be a key issue. A lot of you just can’t do it on your own – I guess that’s great for me!

32% of you said that a Personal Trainer would be a motivation factor and also 32% attending local fitness classes. Luckily, I’m both a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor!

I provide personal and group fitness solutions – more on that later.

48% of you said that you wanted more choice of classes. Right now, I have 9 classes on my timetable but I’m always looking to improve things and give you what you want. Some of you want Pilates or Yoga. I’m thinking about a Pilates-type class which will help to strengthen your waist, hips and core muscles plus improve your posture.

77% of you liked the name ‘Fitness For Women’ as a brand. I’ve been thinking a lot about branding recently and I will probably go with this name for my branded products, while keeping the company name.

Finally, 65% of you said you would consider buying fitness sessions with a Personal Trainer. Also, 48% said you would buy fitness sessions.

Luckily, I’m still offering a free personal training session for 10 individuals – so far, 5 places have been claimed. That means there are still 5 places up for grabs!

I’m offering a one-hour PT session in my studio in Newcastle. I will weigh you, take your measurements, body fat, water levels, blood pressure, current fitness levels as well as giving you a free nutrition plan, sample workout and a free gift for coming along.

If you want to take up this offer, claim your spot at this link: FREE PT SESSION

If you want to try one of my group classes, come along for a free trial. I’m based in Ouseburn, next to the Byker Bridge. Here’s my timetable: GROUP TIMETABLE

In the next couple of weeks, I will be looking to deliver online fitness programmes – a 7-day and a 28-day programme. Details to follow. That may interest you if you can’t make my classes or claim a personal training place.

Thanks again for completing the survey, I really appreciate your help.

For those people who left a contact email address, I will be sending you a free gift as a thank-you!