Have you seen these fantastic results?

Fiona D Before and AfterRecently I’ve been persuaded to show ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of some of the women doing my weight training programmes.

I say persuaded because I’ve never been a fan of these type of photos.


Well, looking at other websites and some of their photos, I’m certain they are ‘tampered with’!

You know, the ‘after’ photo showing the same person but with a lovely suntan and gleaming white teeth while sucking in their tummy!!

I’m being a little cynical I guess but you know what I mean.

Anyway, sometimes it is a good idea to show the world what these women can actually achieve by lifting weights, doing effective exercise and eating a healthy, nutritious diet.

So, here’s Fiona who (in just 28 days):

  • Lost 5 lbs in weight
  • Lost almost 6% body fat (almost unheard of)
  • Lost 11cm from her waist and hips
  • Was ‘metabolically’ 12 years younger!

No dieting was allowed either!

And if you asked Fiona, she would say that it is very easily achievable too.

So with the support of the other like-minded women, why would you stick to your standard gym or slimming club?

If you’re interested in my next Challenge, just hit reply here, email pauledgar@bodyandmindfitnesscompany.co.uk or text/call me on 07990 583034.

It will be around mid March.