You shouldn’t even give this to a duck…

duckI walk a lot, mainly because there are 2 large Greyhounds to keep active! I live next to Saltwell Park in Gateshead, which is an ideal location mainly because Gateshead Council maintain the park very well and there are many pathways to stroll along.

If you haven’t been there before, I would recommend a visit. You can even ride on the Swan Pedalos or go ‘choo choo’ on the train with your kids!

I do get frustrated at times though and it’s down to the fact that some people ignore some of the signs in the park. One of the signs is ‘Do not feed bread to the ducks’. Now the actual reasons for this are listed below the sign, including ‘it plays havoc with their digestive system’ and ‘it can mess up their migration’.

You see, if humans can get bloated eating bread then what do you think it does to a duck?! So, if you do this, please stop taking your bread to the park!

So, onto bread then…

I hear this a lot and it makes me wonder whether or not I should exclude bread from my diet (and that of my clients). White bread is sometimes referred to as ‘the white menace’. Even wholemeal bread can cause issues in the gut. My own view is that if you buy bread with pure ingredients or even better, and make your own, it will be fine in your gut.

However, check out the ingredients of a standard loaf from the supermarket (apart from the main ingredients of flour and yeast). Check these: sugar, salt, vegetable oil, emulsifiers, preservatives, flour treatment agents and more! These are all added to make the bread taste nice and keep it on the shelf longer.

Do you think your gut enjoys ingesting these added ingredients? Add gluten to that list too and you probably have a recipe for disaster as far as your digestive system is concerned. Maybe that’s why you’re bloated a lot. Maybe you have a gluten intolerance. Have you checked?

Maybe you could cut bread out of your diet and replace it with other foods? Try it for a few days, a few weeks, whatever time period you’re comfortable with. If you’re struggling to think of things to eat instead, refer to my Detox Eating Plan. It’s free to download! Here’s the link: DETOX EATING PLAN

You may then feel less bloated, feel more energetic (as tired digestive systems can really drag you down) and feel healthier.