Does your Slimming Club healthy snack include these ‘goodies’?

sugarDo you eat a healthy diet? That’s a pretty open question really and the answer isn’t always easy. You may think you do but what sort of foods are you actually putting in your mouth?

The whole subject of healthy eating becomes complicated and confusing especially when you buy packaged foods. One example I came across recently was this:

“Tesco Healthy Living Range Caramel Iced Dessert: 30% less fat; lower in calories.”

Sounds great doesn’t it?

Hang on though…check out the ingredients list!

I counted 32 ingredients – 32!!! Including sugar, sweeteners, glucose syrup, stabilisers, flavourings, sorbitol syrup, colourings, dextrose, more sugar…etc

But get this…one serving is ONLY 2 ProPoints on the Weight Watchers diet. Hey, does that mean I can have a double serving?! Now I’m not slating WW or any other slimming club but they don’t warn you about these products. In fact, they encourage you to buy them!

This is scary stuff. I mean, I even subject my body to this sort of rubbish now and again. I call it a ‘treat’ but actually it’s far from being a treat for your body and your health. It’s almost like giving your body a massive shot of sugar – you may as well have a lager if you want this much sugar and enjoy yourself in the process!

This is not the only product that exists on the supermarket shelves (or in the freezers). There are many so-called ‘healthy’ snacks and meals. The Government try their best and even have new schemes to try to help us.

I remember they introduced a traffic light system – red for danger and all that! I’m not too sure what happened to that scheme but I haven’t noticed it in the supermarkets. The big chain supermarkets continue to mislead us.

There should actually be a HEALTH WARNING on the cover of this product. Keep subjecting your body to these sorts of products and you’re asking for trouble. You will probably GAIN weight NOT lose it!!

What to eat instead?

Great question and I have the answer!

I’ve put together a list of 40 healthy snack ideas – yes, I have, just for you! All 40 snacks are made up of natural, healthy ingredients – no gluten and no wheat. I’ve even marked those that are vegan-friendly.

So if you’re stuck for ideas then why not download my ’40 Healthy Snack Ideas’ document right now? It’s simple and there are no hidden ingredients that trick your body into adding inches to your waist and hips. In fact, eating these foods WILL help you to lose weight as long as you control your overall calorie intake.

Here’s the link for you: 40 HEALTHY SNACK IDEAS