Do you suffer from heartburn or acid reflux?

curryOh I love a good curry – not too spicy mind as I think too much spice can mask the real taste.

But unfortunately for me, having a curry can have a negative knock-on effect.

My favourite curry has to be Chicken Bhuna. It’s quite mild and because of the tomato base, it suits my taste.

But here’s the thing – tomatoes don’t agree with me!

Well, I say that as I have assumed that tomatoes have it in for me! It could be paprika or chilli for all I know.

I’m talking about heartburn or acid reflux. If I eat a curry after 7pm, I suffer. Even if I go to bed at midnight – 5 hours later – I can still suffer with reflux.

Now the odd occasion is ok, I can handle that. But when it happens every time I eat a curry, I get frustrated. It means I can’t enjoy one of my favourite meals.

The reason I think tomatoes are the problem is because I did a little research and tomatoes are up there near the top of the ‘allergy food’ list.

Paprika is there too and chilli can be an issue. I have to try to eliminate the culprit.

It would be a huge shame if I couldn’t eat tomatoes because I love them. Maybe I could get away with eating them earlier in the day but having a curry at 1 in the afternoon just isn’t the same.

So what usually happens?

Well, after about an hour in bed, I start to cough and it’s usually a dry cough. Then it feels like food is regurgitating and that makes me cough even more.

I have to get up and drink some water. About 15 to 20 minutes later, I’m ok.

This is worrying me a bit though because if it continues, it could develop into something more serious.

What I need to do is to eliminate each food I suspect and see what happens.

I’ll start with the tomatoes then the paprika then the chilli.

I will not take antacids though because their long-term effects are even worse than the actual reflux.

Do you suffer from heartburn or reflux? Have you tried to eliminate certain foods?

According to, other possible allergenic foods are milk, peanuts, eggs, fish and shellfish. Here’s the link:

I’ve written a food guide that may help you too. I’ve come up a nutrition plan which excludes the major allergenic foods – wheat, gluten, dairy and also sugar – and it’s a full 5 weeks’ worth of meals and snacks.

It does contain tomatoes however – well, I still like them – I just have to eat them earlier in the day!

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