Swan Pedalos can get you fit…

swan pedalosThe good old Bank Holiday – so many people look forward to them, it’s a shame there are only 8 in a year!

We ventured out into the local park and it was packed. Bouncy castle, a slide thing (!), ice cream van, people playing cricket and lots more. The weather was good too so that helped.

I decided that I wanted to practice the rowing techniques I learnt a week earlier at Newburn. Our local park (luckily) has a lake and, apart from the Swan Pedalos (see the photo!), there were about 5 rowing boats. Phew!

The queue was rather long though. However, it turned out that they were all waiting for the next swan pedalo to come in! We got a queue-jumper to the rowing boats! £5 for half an hour, so pretty good value really.

I tried to remember what I had been shown at the rowing club but rowing in a small rickety boat at the local park isn’t quite the same as a proper rowing boat (you know the ones they use for the Boat Race?!). My left oar wouldn’t stay in the holder and we were going round in circles!! My pained expression meant that this was not going to be easy but I persevered.

Half an hour later and my arms, shoulders and back were aching! Plus, I think we were dizzy from spinning the boat around so many times!

We then ventured to Tynemouth for the rest of the day, our favourite place.

So, my point today is that you can always fit exercise, or at least activity, into your day. Even on a nice day out, you can still keep active.

Rowing on a lake, playing cricket with your kids, climbing up 199 steps to an abbey (that’s Whitby by the way!), swimming in the pool…whatever it is. You are combining exercise and activity with having a good time with your family and friends.

You see, exercise doesn’t have to be about lifting weights or running on treadmills. If you don’t like the thought of that then don’t do it. As long as you are getting your heart rate up and your lungs working regularly, you are making a difference to your health.

Find an activity you enjoy and your fitness levels will increase, meaning you will live a healthier and happier life. Plus your family will benefit too.

In my ladies-only fitness classes, I try to make them fun and they can be a great social occasion too. If you want to try a class, just register your interest HERE.