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My 10 Top Foods To Target Belly Fat…BEFORE Christmas!

It may be the wrong time of year to tell you about losing fat – the fat around your waist that is! It’s December after all and it means it’s a month where we just don’t care about what we eat and drink. I mean, my partner and I helped ourselves to a pizza on […]

Do you mean what you write on a Christmas card?

I just received a Christmas card and it read ‘Happy Christmas to you and your family. We’ll definitely need to catch up in 2014.’ Really? Do they really mean that or are they just words? I mean, I’m sure I got the same card last year with the same message (apart from it being 2013). […]

Ladies, Stay Healthy This Christmas BUT Still Indulge

Hi ladies, remember remember 5th November!! Why? Maybe because it’s only 7 weeks to Christmas and it’s the start of the panic season! What do I mean by the panic season? Well, panic about what to buy for presents, who to buy for, how much food are you going to need, will you fit into […]