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Won’t eating after 7pm make me fat?

I’ve heard this phrase a lot and sometimes from the same people. You see, the Internet is great for many things – I mean, if I want to know how tall a Mongoose is at shoulder level, I can ‘Google it’! Eh, voila, the answer is there within 0.23 seconds! But the Internet can also […]

Maybe we’re all guilty of emotional eating

Emotional Eating: When you eat because of boredom or stress, you tend to reach for the cakes, biscuits, chips and other unhealthy (usually sugary) foods rather than the carrot or celery sticks! So, what’s the problem? If you continue to eat like that every time you get bored or stressed, your body will get used […]

Eating Before Bed – The FACTS!

Eating before bed – I have mentioned foods that are good and foods that are bad for you late at night. Well, this concludes it giving you the background facts. I think it’s interesting stuff as a few women have asked me about ‘extra’ things they can do to speed up their weight loss. Controlling […]

Overweight or Tired? Your Body Could Be Acidic?

If you often feel tired, exhausted and are currently overweight, your blood may be at a dangerously high acidic level. Your body needs to be slightly alkaline for it to work at its optimal condition. Otherwise, you can gain weight and get sick easily. The degree of acidity significantly affects the body’s ability to prevent […]

The Truth About Diets – What You Need To Know

The Truth About Diets When you’re on a restrictive diet and therefore eat less than your resting metabolic rate, i.e. less calories than your body needs to survive, your body will think you are starving and you will begin to kick in all kinds of starvation protection mechanisms. Most people who go on a diet […]