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Group fitness – yes or no?

Group fitness – yes or no? Do you enjoy working with likeminded women to get great weight loss results? There have been a lot of studies over the years linking group activities to results. Many studies seem to back up the fact that working in a group environment with people with similar goals, has a […]

Custard in nice but add the words ‘Madagascan Vanilla’…

I’m not sure if you’re a custard fan – whether it’s homemade or shop-bought! I used to love the stuff, especially when it was poured over Jam Roly Poly! I’m surprised because, having lumpy custard at school, that was enough to put me off it for life! (apologies to the Dinner Ladies at my old […]

What do you think of my new fitness idea?

In any business, you have to keep moving forward and trying your best to provide a great service for your customers. So, it’s time for me to start providing a better service for you. When I say better, I mean even better results, better facilities, more choice of classes, an online fitness programme and more. […]

Swan Pedalos can get you fit…

The good old Bank Holiday – so many people look forward to them, it’s a shame there are only 8 in a year! We ventured out into the local park and it was packed. Bouncy castle, a slide thing (!), ice cream van, people playing cricket and lots more. The weather was good too so […]

A SPECIAL gift just for you…

Today, I’ll keep it short and sweet! As a thank you for staying with me and for reading my blog posts (you DO read my posts, don’t you?!), I’m giving you the opportunity to train with me for a whole week. That’s right, you can come along to any (or all) of my group classes […]

We all have a friend who does this…

Do you have a friend who is constantly on a diet? Or maybe involved with the latest fitness craze? Although I’m a male (yes, it’s true!), I do have a friend like this. He has tried the Atkins Diet, joined the gym, and eaten lettuce for a day (well, maybe not quite JUST lettuce). Then […]

Don’t give up on your fitness…be one of the 5% NOT one of the 95%

Don’t give up! With ANY fitness programme, you HAVE to keep going. You have to keep going for at least 21 times and THEN it becomes a habit. It’s all too easy to find excuses not to exercise – maybe you think it’s just too difficult, it hurts, it’s lonely, you have no motivation. You […]

Special Offer – 25% Off Group Classes

This is a special offer to visitors to my website. It entitles you to 25% off my indoor group classes for one month plus a FREE trial class. Just quote NL18 when booking. The usual price is £25 per month attending one class a week or £50 per month attending two classes a week. Use the offer code by 31st July 2013. […]

Attention Female Runners

Attention Female Runners Are you running in the 2013 Great North Run or any Race For Life? Do you find it difficult training for your event or running on your own? Would you like to join a running group specifically for women? Ladies, if you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, why not […]