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The women in my group classes are second to none…

On my way to my class one evening last week, my car broke down in Gateshead – at a busy junction, at a busy time of the day – nightmare scenario!! I won’t go into the details of the fault but there were only 20 minutes to the start of my class! At times like […]

New Group Fitness For Women Classes

Group fitness is definitely a good thing as it helps with motivation, accountability and you make friends too. I’ve decided to change some of my classes and times to suit more people. Pilates always seem popular so I’m going to add 2 Pilates Fitness classes to the timetable. It’s my version of Pilates to help […]

Has Katie Hopkins gone soft?

Katie Hopkins – you know her don’t you? She’s the woman from The Apprentice who is now famed for her ‘acid tongue’, having a go at all in her path. But she recently came across as caring and compassionate when she appeared on This Morning alongside Christina Briggs – the 25-stone mother who has called […]