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Could I have your opinion please?

I was wondering if I could have your opinion? It’ll only take you a couple of minutes. Plus it may benefit you! I’ve been putting together healthy recipes and I’m thinking about selling them as a package. The recipes are available in PDF format (so you can print them out) plus some simple, short recipe […]

Seriously, AVOID these 3 foods to stay healthy…

You know what’s it like when you’re busy – healthy eating can go out of the window. You get up in the morning, after pressing the snooze button 4 times, and are in a rush. The kids need feeding, you need to shower, you have to iron your work clothes and so on. You get […]

Brussels Sprouts – Do you love them or hate them?

Here’s a question I posted on Facebook recently: “Tis the season for sprouts! One of my favourite vegetables. Do you love or hate them?” Surprisingly, around 75% of answers were pro-sprout and only 25% against the blighters! I think it depends what you do with them – apart from grabbing three and juggling with them! […]