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More and more women are using kettlebells…

Have you heard of kettlebells? That might sound like an obvious question! You may have heard of them but do you know much about them? To keep it brief, there are many benefits of using kettlebells as part of a fitness routine. Just look at these benefits: Using kettlebells will help to improve your FUNCTIONAL […]

Could this be the perfect diet and exercise plan for you?

I’ve been missing for a few days and I know you’ll want to know why!! Well, another chapter of my life has closed but I feel that a bigger, more exciting chapter is to follow. I’ve moved home this week and I’m still looking for a new place. Until I find somewhere suitable, I’m in […]

So you can’t lose body fat? You need to lift weights!

So you can’t lose body fat no matter how hard you try? It’s ok, I’m being a little devilish today! But it’s a comment I hear a lot…well, it’s usually “I can’t lose weight no matter how hard I try” but you get the idea. I wonder why not. Maybe I can shed some light […]

Special Offer – 25% Off Group Classes

This is a special offer to visitors to my website. It entitles you to 25% off my indoor group classes for one month plus a FREE trial class. Just quote NL18 when booking. The usual price is £25 per month attending one class a week or £50 per month attending two classes a week. Use the offer code by 31st July 2013. […]