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Am I going to upset you or motivate you?

I had a bad day on Monday. You know the sort of day I mean where everything seems to go wrong or events conspire against you. You ask yourself what you’ve done to deserve it. Is it bad karma or something? Have you upset someone and it’s nature’s way of getting back at you? The […]

Don’t give up on your fitness…be one of the 5% NOT one of the 95%

Don’t give up! With ANY fitness programme, you HAVE to keep going. You have to keep going for at least 21 times and THEN it becomes a habit. It’s all too easy to find excuses not to exercise – maybe you think it’s just too difficult, it hurts, it’s lonely, you have no motivation. You […]

Do you mean what you write on a Christmas card?

I just received a Christmas card and it read ‘Happy Christmas to you and your family. We’ll definitely need to catch up in 2014.’ Really? Do they really mean that or are they just words? I mean, I’m sure I got the same card last year with the same message (apart from it being 2013). […]

Mind Over Matter-What’s Stopping You?

Can I ask if you’ve ever started a task and not finished it? You start with lots of enthusiasm and excitement and everything goes well and on track. Then suddenly, you hit a barrier. Usually, the barrier stops you from moving on with the task so what happens? Well, most of the time, you put […]