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Do you believe these exercise myths?

Do you believe what you read in the papers or in health magazines? I know I don’t. You may have heard a few ‘truths’ when it comes to your health and fitness but a good starting point is to dispel some myths you may have heard regarding exercise and nutrition. These are not based on […]

Brussels Sprouts – Do you love them or hate them?

Here’s a question I posted on Facebook recently: “Tis the season for sprouts! One of my favourite vegetables. Do you love or hate them?” Surprisingly, around 75% of answers were pro-sprout and only 25% against the blighters! I think it depends what you do with them – apart from grabbing three and juggling with them! […]

My Top 10 Fat Busting Foods

Here are my top 10 recommended fat busting foods that will help your body combat stubborn body fat. All of these work with your body and not against it. You will notice there are no processed foods and definitely NO sugar! To lose weight effectively and to target fat loss, you certainly need to avoid […]