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If you want a flat tummy, avoid doing this right now…

If you really want a flat tummy and want to lose inches around your waist, you MUST not do SitUps or Crunches. They are a complete waste of time! There, I said it! Let’s face it, how many SitUps or Crunches do you think it would take to lose an inch from your waist? I’d […]

The number 1 cause of tummy fat – do you eat this?

As we get older, more fat tends to accumulate around the tummy. You look in the mirror and usually don’t like what you see! If you put both of your hands just under your belly button, you’ll be able to feel how much fat you have there. Even I have some there (which I will […]

Help, I just want to tone my tummy…

In my last blog post, I talked about ‘bingo wings’ and that a lot of women want to know the secret of how to make them look more toned. Well, today it’s another area of your body I want to talk about – I mean in general, not particularly your body! The tummy and how, […]