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You can’t lose weight on your own…

Everybody knows that diet and exercise are important, but what’s really eye-opening is when someone joins a support group. You see, if you start a new diet or a new exercise programme (or both) on your own, you’re much more likely to give up than if you joined a support group with other like-minded people. […]

The results are in…Losing weight is still your number one issue!

Last week, I sent out a survey and the response was great. Thank you to those who responded – if it weren’t for you then I’d never know what you want me to provide. The results were very interesting – here they are by percentages. Some questions had more than one answer, hence the larger […]

An inspiring weight loss journey…

Today I want to let Awne (my partner) tell her weight loss story. Be inspired, face your fears and take action. I haven’t been overweight so I can’t tell a story but I can empathise and provide a service that will help you. Take it away Awne: “For anyone worrying about starting one of Paul’s […]

What the Sunderland Air Show taught me about weight loss…

Did you go to this year’s Sunderland Air Show? I went there last weekend – only my second time. I took my parents in the car and it was a lovely afternoon. I mean, they treated me to fish and chips, offered me an ice cream and bought my ‘Park and Ride’ bus ticket!! Parents […]

How I lost weight at the car boot sale…

The good old car boot sale – it’s a great way to lose weight isn’t it?! “LOSE weight?? But what about the burger vans and the cup cake stalls, Paul?” Well, yes, you may have a point there! But I’m not tempted by those – in fact, the smell puts me off food full stop. […]

Shakes, Rattle and Roll…Lose Weight the Healthy Way

I don’t know about you but I get inundated with emails, social media posts and phone calls from companies trying to sell their latest weight loss solution. Wouldn’t it be great if you could lose weight just by swallowing a pill or sipping a shake and not even eating much food?! Hmmm, I think I […]

Argh, I got on the scales this morning and put on a lb

How often do you weigh yourself? Are you one of many women who weigh themselves EVERY day? It’s a dangerous game and, in my opinion, can work in a negative way. Say you’re going ‘all out’ on your new diet regime, doing everything possible to lose weight. You get on the scales after day 1 […]

5 Prevention tips for dealing with weight loss

Weight Loss: Here are my 5 prevention tips for dealing with the common issue of weight loss. Eliminate the white menace: white flour and sugar. Eliminate hydrogenated fats. Eat protein every day for breakfast (eggs, natural yogurt, nuts, protein shake etc). Walk at least 30 minutes a day. Don’t eat 3 hours before bed. There […]

12 Minutes v The Treadmill For Weight Loss-The Shocking Winner

You want weight loss? Is this you? You head off to the gym, grab your workout card and step onto the treadmill. You are advised (by the gym instructor) that you need to work in your ‘aerobic’ zone. The what zone?? The ‘aerobic’ zone – it has a little diagram on the treadmill, something like […]