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How To Build Trust

It’s Friday morning and I’m working from home. The phone rings. I answer but there is silence – at least for a few seconds. Then on comes a voice and it’s straight into “Hello Mr Edgar, how are you? Have you considered installing new windows recently or maybe your kitchen is falling apart and you […]

Ladies, Discover The REAL Secret Behind Burning Stubborn Body Fat

Intensity and post-workout effects are the keys to burning body fat. Forget about long, gruelling cardio routines that last for an hour or more. Forget about spending 45 minutes on the treadmill – what a waste of time that is. Forget about going for a ‘jog’ for an hour – do you seriously want to […]

My Clients Are Like Sisters To Me

You may have realised now that I work with women, specifically women over 25. When asked why I train women over 25, my answer is simple. I looked at the clients I was training and 99% of them were women and most of those were over 25. So it made sense to create a niche […]