What do you think of my new fitness idea?

warehouse classes imageIn any business, you have to keep moving forward and trying your best to provide a great service for your customers. So, it’s time for me to start providing a better service for you.

When I say better, I mean even better results, better facilities, more choice of classes, an online fitness programme and more.

These are all ideas I have in my head right now. I’ve had some great feedback from you so thank you for that. The feedback told me that these are the common issues you have when it comes to your health and fitness:

• You can’t exercise alone
• You want to lose weight but long-term not just a quick fix
• You don’t have much time to exercise
• There is a lot of confusing advice around and you don’t know where to turn
• You’re not sure if the exercises you’re doing are right for you and are effective
• You lack motivation and commitment
• Health is not a priority
• Unhealthy snacking is a big problem

Do any of those resonate with you? I hope so because I have some of these issues in my life and I know it’s tough to address them. BUT there are solutions…

I’ve been offered the chance to set up a new fitness facility in Newburn (5 miles from Newcastle). It is currently used as a warehouse but there is scope for me to set up in the courtyard, which will be great to start something new.

There is ample parking, which is free. The courtyard is secure so you will be training away from public view. I will be setting up my equipment there, which includes kettlebells, weights, ropes, resistance bands, boxing etc. If it rains, we can train indoors.

In the initial stages, I plan to provide a 2-hour slot, 3 evenings a week, Monday, Wednesday and/or Thursday or Friday. This is still to be finalised.

I will be adding new classes such as kettlebell classes, boxercise sessions and strength training. All classes will be for women only so you will be working with likeminded people with similar goals.

I will have different price ranges, which will be fair (in my opinion).

I will also offer a free trial week so you can come along and try it for free with no obligation to stay.

You should see results within a very short time plus I’ll be providing healthy eating plans, recipe books, online support via Facebook and weigh-ins/measurements so you can monitor your progress.

What do you think? Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in.

If you want to register your interest (remember, no obligation), then click on the following link for more details:


Ps/ Remember, just by registering, you are not committing yourself but you are telling me this is something you are interested in.