Do you THINK you’re healthy?

Hmmm, this is quite an open question as what does it really feel like or look like to be healthy?healthy

Obviously we’re all different and our perceptions of health vary from person to person but generally, do you think you’re healthy?

Consider this…

These are percentages of ‘Self perception of health 2005-10’ according to the Office for National Statistics. The first figure is 2005; the second figure 2010.

Very Good          34%        39%

Good                     41%        40%

Fair                         18%        15%

Bad                        6%          5%

Very Bad              1%          1%

So, in 2010, 79% of us perceive ourselves to be in good or very good health. That’s encouraging isn’t it?

BUT, hang on…

If 79% of us think we’re healthy then surely, as a nation, we should be relying LESS on the NHS?

Interesting. How come the NHS is sometimes overloaded? I mean when I try to get an appointment at my local GP, they tell me that 3 weeks on Tuesday is the EARLIEST appointment!!!

Maybe people’s perceptions are different from reality. So my advice is to give yourself the best chance in life. Eat well, drink plenty of clean water, keep active, cut down on alcohol and caffeine, exercise effectively, sleep well and control stress and set short term goals.

As a coincidence, they are my 7 Steps to FITNESS! Follow my 7 steps and you will be healthier. If you want step 1 then you can sign up to receive my FREE Healthy Meal Planner: HERE

Try step 2 next. Increase your activity levels – take 10,000 steps a day and avoid sitting down for long periods as much as you can.