A trip to the bank got me thinking

Recently I opened a new bank account – woo, exciting! Well not really.Personal Training

I thought the process would be simple and in the main, it was. But I was asked which account type would I like – would I like the ‘lowest of the low’ account or the ‘BASIC’ account or the ‘standard’ account. Hmmm, they didn’t sound too good!

But then…

I was asked if I would like the ‘Gold’ account or maybe the ‘PLATINUM’ account. I suddenly felt important – like royalty and they were about to roll out the red carpet for me!

Decisions, decisions. I was confused. I mean, I sort of just wanted a basic account, nothing fancy. But then did I want car breakdown cover, or free cinema tickets on a Monday afternoon from 2-4pm, or 2 for 1 dining at a restaurant in Cambridge! Could they be useful add-ons?

Anyway, boring I know but I opted for the ‘standard’ account.

What’s my point here?! My point is when faced with a choice of packages, you have to choose the one that is RIGHT for you and your needs. Don’t go for the bells and whistles, go for what is going to get you the best results.

It’s the same with my fitness business. I have different programmes and memberships for different needs and goals. I offer personal and group training programmes in the same way as that bank I visited.

My personal training clients can opt for Xpress, Gold or Premium programmes and my group training clients can opt for Xpress, Gold and Premium memberships. I designed them to suit your lifestyle and your goals.

If you’re interested to know more, here are links to my training programmes:



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