Are you having trouble with your ‘bingo wings’?

bingo wings 2I hear the phrase ‘bingo wings’ a lot. Women often talk about their ‘bingo wings’ but what are they referring to?

At first, I didn’t know what they were but a lot of the women in my classes kept mentioning them. Surely, it had nothing to do with bingo!

‘Bingo wings’ (or, as described by some of the women, is the loose skin on the back of your arms) are an area of the body that lots of women want to address.

They want to lose that excess skin, tone up the muscles in the arms and make them stronger.

The thing is…it’s not a problem which is so easy to solve.

You would expect a fitness professional to suggest an instant solution of various arm exercises, while neglecting the rest of the body.

Unfortunately, you can’t just target one part of the body when it comes to fat loss or toning. Sure, you can do lots of Tricep Dips but you must not neglect other muscles in the body.

I include exercises for the triceps (the muscles that shape your arms) in my weight training sessions but the rest of the body gets a blast too!

So what do you do then?

Here’s a little routine you can do at home, which will take you about 12 minutes. It will target your ‘bingo wings’ but will provide a whole-body workout so that you’re not missing out.

1. Tricep Dip – watch the video: HERE
2. Squat – watch the video: HERE
3. Tricep Dip – repeat 1
4. Calf Raise – watch the video: HERE
5. Tricep Press – watch the video: HERE
6. Alternate Forward Lunge – watch the video: HERE

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, 30 seconds rest. Repeat the above 6 exercises one more time.

The workout mainly concentrates on your arms but also works your leg muscles so creating a whole-body metabolic workout.

Remember that whatever exercise you do is only effective if your eating is in order. There’s no point in killing it in the exercise department if you continue to consume a poor diet.