If you want a flat tummy, avoid doing this right now…

If you really want a flat tummy and want to lose inches around your waist, you MUST not do SitUps or Crunches.

They are a complete waste of time!

There, I said it!

Let’s face it, how many SitUps or Crunches do you think it would take to lose an inch from your waist?

I’d suggest thousands!! But even doing thousands without getting your diet in order will make no difference anyway!

There are much more effective ways to tackle your stubborn fat around your tummy.

Of course there is the eating. I can help you with that. Here’s a sample recipe video you can watch in just 60 seconds! A healthy but tasty snack –> CHOCOLATE NUT ENERGY BALLS

Exercise wise, ditch the SitUps and Crunches now!

Ditch any abdominal machine you have in the house now!

Ditch those weird-looking abdominal frame things now! Who invented those things??!

What can you do instead then?

Well, here is my 3-part plan to get you on track for a flat tummy:

1. Do ‘Core’ exercises instead

If you want to get rid of that muffin-top, you need to do exercises that hit your entire mid-section, not just your abs! Your abs are only one part of your ‘core’. You must strengthen your abs and all of the muscles surrounding them.

A great exercise that will help is Mountain Climbers. This exercise will target your abs and hip flexors, making it a great exercise for your ‘core’. Click here to see it: MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS

2. Cut out or drastically reduce your sugar intake

Sugar is the number one reason that you have excessive body fat. It is NOT fat that makes you fat; it’s sugar.

Sugar stimulates insulin, which is a fat-storing hormone, secreted by your pancreas. The more sugar you eat, the more insulin your body secretes. That means you gain more fat.

But the worst part is that it usually goes straight to your tummy!!

So you must cut out or cut down on your sugar intake.

3. Boost your metabolism with metabolic training

That’s right, forget about jogging! That’s probably the worst exercise you can do to get rid of tummy fat. Jogging will force your body to adapt to low-key exercise and will downsize your heart and lungs. Plus, jogging is terrible for your joints and have you ever seen a happy jogger?? No, they always look stressed to me!

You really need to be doing metabolic interval training, which will send your metabolism sky high and start to burn that fat you’ve always wanted to get rid of. Short burst exercise is definitely the way to go as it will burn fat 24-48 hours after your workouts.

So, there you have my 3-part solution which, combined with a healthy diet, will be much more effective than any SitUps or Crunches will ever be.

As always, if you want help with any of this, just get in touch and we can get you on the right track.