Weight training to lose body fat – seriously?!

weight training for women 6Happy New Year!

Yes I know it’s already the second week of January and before we know it, we will be breaking our New Year’s Resolutions soon enough!!!

Of course not – we have set goals and ambitions for 2015, haven’t we?!

What is your BIG goal for 2015? I’m talking health and fitness goal because surely your health is your number one priority?

January is notorious for trying new diets, joining the gym or popping along to get weighed at a slimming club. You heard me right with that last one – you get weighed at a slimming club and then go home. Well, I definitely know lots of women who do this and pay £6 for the privilege of being told they have lost or gained weight.

Of course, some women stay for the session and listen to the group leader talking about food – what they really talk about is syns, points, green days, red days, lettuce days, cucumber months etc.

Ok, I’m being a little facetious but tell me if that’s not true.

Why do we have to count calories? Why do we get punished when we have over 15 syns in a day? Why are we put under pressure if we eat a green food on a red day?

In my opinion (which is usually right, ha), you do not need to do ANY of that.

The day that I start counting calories is the day I throw the towel in.

I heard this recently – “As long as you expend more calories than you intake, you’ll lose weight.”

Ah, ok then. I think I’ll work extremely hard in the gym then eat slightly less calories of cake and I’ll lose weight. That’s a brilliant method.

The amount of calories you eat is not as important as the quality of calories. Say you only eat wholesome, natural foods and your intake is 1800 calories per day. You expend around about the same BUT the exercise you do is the RIGHT type of exercise, i.e. NOT jogging, lifting light weights or doing Zumba.

They all have their place but if you want REAL results, you need to walk/run in intervals, lift heavier weights and do effective metabolic bodyweight workouts.

Do this and, when combined with eating the right foods, you will see results and they will be long-term results.

Your strength will increase, your heart and lungs will be healthier, your fitness will improve, your fat will be melting away, your energy levels will increase, your sleep will be better…

I could go on…

Talking of weight training, I’m holding a 28-Day Weight Training Challenge at my studio in Newcastle. It starts on Monday 12th January, i.e. in 3 days. There are 15 places available and I think there are only 3 places left.

If you are serious about your health and fitness, this is a great opportunity to make a difference.

It costs £50 and for that you get full access to my classes (unlimited), a full nutrition plan to follow, recipes, my supermarket video tour, a goal-setting exercise, prizes along the way and full support from me and the other women in the group.

It’s less than the price of a cup of coffee a day.

Here’s the link if you want to register but you need to be quick: