Weight training for women is the future…

weight training for women 10You’ve probably heard me mention this recently.

Weight training for women is the future!

When Peter Kay said that garlic bread was the future in one of his shows, nobody believed him!! Just look how many people enjoy garlic bread now!

So, this is my prediction…

In the near future, women’s weight training will overtake dieting as the number one searched subject on Google relating to health and fitness.

I think a lot of women are now getting fed up of being inundated with the latest fad diets and pills that they want a better solution.

Women want to be stronger, get fitter, be more toned and have their ideal shape.

They can’t do this with dieting because dieting only hits weight loss, not body fat, strength, fitness or muscle tone.

In fact, dieting will strip your body of essential muscle, water and nutrients.

However, weight training will increase your muscle, maintain your water levels and help to keep your body fit and healthy.

Plus, the more muscle you have, the more lean you will be and the more body fat you will shed (muscle burns fat).

It’s now February and the diet clubs are losing members. Why?

Maybe because the scales only show body weight and what’s more demoralising than not seeing a difference on the scales when you’re working hard to get results?

Forget about weight loss!

Concentrate more on losing inches from your waist and hips, looking slimmer and being able to fit into your clothes – clothes that you never thought you’d fit into again.

Women currently doing my Weight Training Challenge programmes are achieving great things.

Here are some of them…

“Super chuffed! Since starting weight training on 12th January with Paul Edgar, I have lost 3lb in weight, 2% body fat, 4cm off my waist and reduced my metabolic age by 5 years. Not bad for 15 days of work. Highly recommended ladies.” (Amy).

“Weight training with Paul Edgar rocks!! Dropped 6lb, 2% body fat and 4+ years off my metabolic age…in two weeks!!!” (Nikki).

“2 weeks into a 4 week Weight Training Challenge, lost 5lbs and 5% body fat, boom! Feeling happy.” (Fiona).

My next Challenge started on Monday (16th February). You can still join if you’re interested as I’ll take you through the induction as soon as you come in. Here’s the link: