What’s your real age? Take the test now…

How old are you?

I mean, how old are you really??

Your chronological age is your actual age but your biological age is your body’s true age.

Factors such as smoking, drinking alcohol, stress, exercise (or lack of) etc all contribute to working out your biological age.

I’m 50 – that’s my chronological age – I know, I don’t look it, do I??!

I’ve just taken the BBC Test ‘What’s My Real Age?’ and I’m delighted to say that I’m 13 years younger at just 37.

13 years!!

I feel good now – all that hard work is paying off!

You’ll add years to your age if you smoke, drink lots of alcohol, have a poor diet, are stressed, don’t get enough sleep, don’t drink enough water and so on.


If you live a pretty healthy lifestyle, your biological age is likely to be less than your chronological age.

Why not find out?

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Good luck!