I woke up with a pain in my butt and two cuts on my head…

massageSunday morning just gone, and I woke up as normal – my head at a strange angle to my body, one leg sticking out of the bed sheets and my iPod still playing with the headphones around my neck!!

Now, on Saturday night, when I went to bed, everything was fine. No aches, no pains, no cuts, nothing.

So I went to get out of bed on Sunday morning and couldn’t move!!

My right leg was fine but my left leg wouldn’t function properly!

My left butt cheek was so painful – as if I’d been kicked in the middle of the night very hard.

Then when I was washing my face in the bathroom, I noticed a cut on my head and another one under my right eye.

What the hell happened during the night?!

Like I said, I was fine when I got into bed.

It’s all very strange as I can’t recall doing anything out of the ordinary on Saturday that would have hurt my body!

Have you ever woken with unexplained pain or anything else for that matter?

So what do you do if you have unexpected pain like this?

Well, if it’s muscular (and maybe you should get it medically checked first), you need to assess the damage.

This is what I would do (what I did):

  • Assess the amount of pain
  • Palpate the area gently at first to see how it reacts to pressure
  • Stretch the affected muscle up to 30 seconds at a time
  • If the area is swollen, apply an ice pack for about 15 minutes – this will take the swelling down
  • If there is no swelling, apply heat to the area in the form of a hot water bottle or heat lamp
  • Rest if really painful but otherwise, try to keep moving, i.e. go for a walk

Reassess the ‘injury’ after 24-48 hours.

Then if the area is still sore, find a masseur and let them work on the muscles to ease the discomfort.

Massage is great to get the blood flowing in the affected area, it aids recovery, it releases muscle tension and improves your mood (you tend not to feel great when you have pain).

Luckily, I’m a qualified masseur and it’s my job to give you the benefits I’ve listed above.

If you have muscle pain/aches/tension, get in touch if you want pain relief.

Call/text me on 07990 583034 or email me at: pauledgar@bodyandmindfitnesscompany.co.uk

Ps/ Nobody wants a pain in the butt!