These women got off the couch and look what happened…

Jo PaveyYou know I work with women, right?

If you didn’t know that, maybe I don’t say it enough. “I work with women” – there, I said it again!

I specialise in women’s weight loss, fitness and health especially for women who are pushed for time, are fed up of dieting, need motivation with their fitness and want solutions to their specific health and fitness issues.

That just about sums it up.

I currently work with these women either on a 1-to-1 basis (personal training) or in small groups (group fitness classes in Newburn and Jesmond).

Some women prefer working on an individual basis and, on average, over a 5-week programme, they achieve around 8 or 9 benefits to their health. Some of the benefits include successful weight loss, improved stamina, increased energy levels, increased strength, better sleep, better eating habits, improved blood pressure…

You get the idea then?

Some women prefer working in a group environment, which promotes benefits such as group support, accountability, group motivation (“I’m determined to do this because A, B and C are doing it”), social aspects – as well as the obvious health benefits listed above.

What have these women got in common, the 1-to-1 clients and the group clients?

Well, they have made a decision to take action because they want to look after their health, which has many knock-on effects. Not only will they be healthier (and fitter) but it has a massive influence on their family, friends and colleagues. The food they eat is healthier, they can enjoy their treats more, they don’t have to diet ever again, they feel stronger, they feel fitter, they feel more alive.

Can you see what can happen if you decide to take action?

The alternative is not worth thinking about really. Don’t eat well, don’t exercise, don’t be more active…

Your health will suffer and therefore that will have a massive influence on your family, friends and colleagues. But this time, it will be a negative influence.

Are you too old to exercise?

I remember my parents (and parents of friends) saying they were too old to start an activity. At what age do you become too old to start an activity?

I mean if it’s skydiving at 70 then maybe that’s fair comment but I’m talking more about exercising, lifting some moderate weights, swimming, cycling…whatever the activity is. I couldn’t really see my mother being a wing-rider in her 70s but I could see her lifting some 3kg dumbbells to activate her arm muscles – if you don’t use it, you lose it!!

So how about you? Do you have an activity in mind that you would like to try but there are stumbling blocks in the way? Is it because you have limiting beliefs about what you can or can’t do?

Have you heard this before – “Oh, I can’t do a full Pushup, I’m not strong enough”?

Do you know what though? I say to someone who says this “Ok, lift your knees off the floor, lower your body about 4 inches and push back up.” Guess what? They just did a Pushup!!

Recently, I posted about some inspirational women. The first woman never gave up on her dream and at the age of 40, achieved the ultimate goal. Read about her here:

Secondly, it was about a group of women who achieved something fantastic (proving that it is definitely not a man’s world!). Read about them here:

Now stop for a moment and ask yourself, “If a 40-year-old woman can achieve her ultimate dream and a group of women working towards the same goal can achieve theirs, why can’t I?”

The first step is the hardest.

That’s why I exist – I can help you get over that first hurdle.

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By the way, I offer free consultations and free trials so the cost is not an issue either.