The women in my group classes are second to none…

Come and join usOn my way to my class one evening last week, my car broke down in Gateshead – at a busy junction, at a busy time of the day – nightmare scenario!!

I won’t go into the details of the fault but there were only 20 minutes to the start of my class!

At times like that, you just sit there for a moment, take a deep breath in and try to think about what to do.

Cars whizzing by, reduced to just one lane – with me blocking the inside lane – whoops!

I decided to call Michelle, one of the women I knew was booked for the class in the hope that she was close by and could help me out.

Two guys suddenly appeared at the front of my car – initially I thought ‘Oh, now what?’

“Do you need some help, mate? We can push you to a safe place.”

How fortunate was that?

They pushed me about 200 metres to a safe parking bay!

[By the way, never judge a book and all that]

I tried to call all of the women who I knew were booked into the class. Amy asked if she could pick me up.

I told her I would run to the Newcastle end of the Tyne Bridge to make it easier for her, as she isn’t too familiar with the area.

She picked me up and took me to the class.

Meanwhile, Michelle called her husband to help me with the car. The other women were waiting patiently at the studio.

After the class, Michelle took me back to my car and I managed to get the car started and be on my way.

Now, what is the moral of this story?

Firstly, there are many people in this world who will go out of their way to help you – it is no trouble to them. That is refreshing.

Secondly, I was determined to get to the class so I could still teach and not cancel. I want to provide a good service and running fast from Gateshead to Newcastle in 5 minutes proved that (I think)!

Thirdly, the women in my group classes are second to none. They will help you out, they will be patient when needs be, they will not let excuses get in the way when it comes to their health and fitness.

That is the calibre of women who I work with.

If you don’t currently work with me (group classes or personal training), why not think about it and join the friendliest, most dedicated women in Newcastle?

You just wouldn’t get this from a gym!

Here’s a link if you’re interested: GROUP CLASSES