These women are just like you…

group-womenToday, I just want to tell you about some women – I call them remarkable women as they are action takers and took the brave decision to change their lives.


They knew that they needed to do something about their health and fitness because they each had their personal goals.

It takes a brave person to make a change as remaining in the same place, doing the same things is easy – it’s your comfort zone.

We can only improve however, if we come out of our comfort zone.

These women came out of their comfort zone and started training with me. Every single one of them has improved their health and fitness.

That’s not down to me – I am just the trigger they needed. The accountability person. The motivator.

Here are some of them:

Maggie, Jayne, Amy, Mary, Karen, Heather, Michelle, Gill, Amy (2), Gill (2), Sue, Yvonne, Gail, Sam, Lindsay, Lorraine, Emma, Sarah, Gillian, Helen, Tracey, Brenda. I’ve probably missed a few – I apologise but these are just some of the women who have made a difference.

Maybe it’s time for you to change?

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