This is what women like you are telling me…

Jesmond Group2You know I train women, don’t you?

I hope you know that by now. Sure, I train the odd man (not odd as in strange, but as a one-off), for example, if a couple wanted to train together. That can work really well.

99% of the time though, I train women.


It’s just how my business has developed over the years. I started teaching aerobics and step aerobics and 99% of attendees were women.

When I did bootcamps, most were women.

So it made sense to concentrate on finding solutions for women.

All my literature is based on women’s health and fitness.

Every woman I’ve worked with, as a Personal Trainer, has achieved life-changing results.

It’s amazing when I meet a woman for the first time and they tell me they are overweight, unfit, want to get rid of their ‘tummy’ and can’t get motivated to exercise on their own.

They have poor diets and are confused by all the mixed messages in the media.

They’ve tried many diets and slimming clubs, only to find that they put the weight back on because they can’t sustain their diet.

They feel tired, sluggish and are lacking confidence.

They can’t fit into most of their ‘nice’ clothes and get frustrated about it.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Of course, as a man, I don’t think I’ve heard a woman who is completely happy!! I’m kidding!

But all of these issues do exist and you try to figure it out on your own. It makes no sense when there are people like me in the world.

I’ve been teaching women for over 19 years now and that’s a hell of a lot of experience to call upon.

I’m still learning and I always try to find new solutions.

So, what do you do if you can resonate with some of the things I’ve talked about today?

Well, you can continue to read my emails and I’ll keep on bringing you new subjects.

You can try one of my group fitness classes in Newcastle. Remember, there are no men (apart from me!) and you will be mixing with women who have similar issues.

You can hire me as a Personal Trainer for individual training or you can find a friend (or partner) and train together.

You can get together a few friends and arrange some adhoc training.

You can complete one of my online programmes, if you live out of the area. I currently have a 7 Day Weight Loss Kick-start programme, which helps you focus on a healthy diet. In fact, Mary just completed this and, in 7 days, lost 4 lbs and an inch off her waist and hips – just by changing her eating habits!!

You can even just have a chat with me! It would be nice to get to know you as a thank you for signing up to my list.

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