More and more women are using kettlebells…

Kettlebell-5Have you heard of kettlebells?

That might sound like an obvious question! You may have heard of them but do you know much about them?

To keep it brief, there are many benefits of using kettlebells as part of a fitness routine.

Just look at these benefits:

  • Using kettlebells will help to improve your FUNCTIONAL strength and fitness
  • Kettlebell routines combine strength and cardio training to give you a COMPLETE workout
  • You will LOSE the ‘right’ weight – not muscle or water – but fat
  • They will TONE your muscles and shape your body
  • They will improve your POSTURE and joint health
  • They will increase your metabolism and ENERGY levels
  • They’re FUN and varied!

An impressive list, eh?

How would you feel if you could tick those off your list?

What if I told you that I’m offering you the chance to give kettlebells a go?


I’m looking for 12 women to start my next 28-Day Kettlebell Challenge on 6th June in Newcastle. I have a few signed up already but don’t worry…

…there are still some places available!

This is great for beginners and more experienced exercisers who want to try kettlebells.

More details and free registration are in this link, just click here –> KETTLEBELL CHALLENGE