Would you eat a blue carrot?

blue carrotWould you eat a blue carrot? How about a red sprout? Even though they tasted exactly the same? Say I used a natural blue colouring for the carrot so it contained EXACTLY the same nutrients, fibre etc.

You would certainly stop and think for a moment before deciding what to do!

You are so used to eating orange carrots, that your brain will interpret this new, blue version very differently. It’s all about perception & brain association. In childhood, if you were given a blue carrot and that was your first encounter with one, then it would seem perfectly normal after that to eat blue carrots.

We all grow up with our own perceptions of things and our brains learn very quickly.

I recently did a 7-day detox and I purchased a juicer. I’m trying to drink at least one juice a day and I tend to take a beaker out with me containing the juice (yes, in public!). Some people have looked at the beaker and the juice and immediately said, “That looks disgusting and I bet it tastes disgusting too?”

See, there is the old brain interpretation again. Just because it looks different to a supermarket juice or smoothie, the perception is it will probably be disgusting. However, give it a chance. Try the juice before commenting and maybe, just maybe, it will taste delicious. Just like the blue carrot! It tastes no different to an orange carrot.

My message today is this: Your perception of something or someone could be totally different to the reality – only make a judgement after the evidence presents itself.

Ps/ I remember the old saying ‘never judge a book by its cover.’ It’s so true.