Would you know what to do in an emergency?

first aidYou may have read my updates on social media or read my email last week when I thought my dad wouldn’t wake up and the panic in my stomach that I had to remember my first aid training. He’s ok now thankfully.

The thing is you can train all you want – have training courses coming out of your ears – but it all pales into insignificance when it comes to an emergency situation – especially if it’s a family member.

You will panic. You will forget your training. BUT you have to take a deep breath and keep as calm as you can.

My mother doesn’t know first aid so I’ve been teaching her! I’m not so sure she knows what I’m talking about though! I then thought that there must be a phone app which would help her.

I have an Android mobile phone and have found 2 free apps; one called CPR Metronome and the other called Zoll. They are in the Play Store. I would think it’s the same for the iPhone.

Download them and put one of them on your front screen so when you’re faced (hopefully not) with an emergency situation, at least you have an app which gives you the compression/breath ratio and speed.

Ps/ Do it today otherwise it may be too late.