YOU have the power to choose to be healthy

food mattersI watched an interesting documentary recently though it has been out a few years now. It’s called Food Matters and I think it was made in 2008. It was interesting because it really made you think – the sort of documentary that hits home.

The crux of the programme was focusing on how important, no how crucial, food is when it comes to wellness. Have you noticed how heart disease, cancers, diabetes, arthritis etc are on the INCREASE? These diseases have spiralled out of control in the last 10-20 years. AND apparently we’re healthier as a nation!

So, if we ARE healthier then why are these diseases on the increase? I think we’re actually less healthy now as we were in the 50s and 60s. My parents probably never witnessed certain cancers and certainly diabetes was unheard of back then.

A lot of the food we are consuming now isn’t real food! It is processed rubbish – added preservatives, sugar, salt, chemicals, flavourings, sweeteners and many more baddies. We even struggle to get our 5-a-day (fruit and vegetables). We also struggle to drink enough water – we are dehydrated as a collective society. It’s criminal.

And let’s face it, as a nation, a LOT of us rely heavily on pills – pills to relieve a headache, pills to reduce stress, pills to combat a common cold. You name is, there is a pill for it. Now, call me sceptical, but surely swallowing all of these pills keeps the big drug companies in business (that’s all I’m saying on that!)? But worse still, continued use of these pills could have a dramatic (negative) effect on your health.

What would happen if everybody ate lots and lots of healthy food? We would have an epidemic of health not obesity! BUT there’s no money in health! The drug companies wouldn’t be profitable. BUT as a nation, we would be healthy. Imagine that?

The Food Matters documentary talks about this plus using nutritional therapy as a way of healing rather than relying on our ‘standard’ treatments. Go to the doctor and ask for 2 punnets of blueberries and a floret of broccoli to cure your ills and you will be laughed at. Ask for some antibiotics and the doctor is signing the prescription before you can say ahh-choo!

YOU have the power to choose to be healthy. You choose the food items to put in your mouth. You don’t have to rely on pills. Make your food choices the right choices and see your health explode.

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