Do you mean what you write on a Christmas card?

I just received a Christmas card and it read ‘Happy Christmas to you and your family. We’ll definitely need to catch up in 2014.’


Do they really mean that or are they just words?christmas card

I mean, I’m sure I got the same card last year with the same message (apart from it being 2013). They never called or visited all year – I guess they still have 20 or so days to do it but they won’t!

Be careful what you write or what you say to people. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. In fact, it is best not to make promises at all and then you can always surprise someone with a call or visit and that way, it is more genuine.

What has this got to do with your health or fitness? Everything!

In January, you WILL promise yourself that you will get fit, lose 2 stone, run a half marathon…whatever it is. You WILL make those 2014 New Year fitness resolutions and guess what?

90-95% of you won’t keep your promise (to yourself). You will give up, maybe in March, maybe in May or heck, maybe even in January!!

Why why why? Why give up? Are the results NOT important to you? I mean, wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could get the results AND keep going?  What if you were fit? What if you did lose 2 stone? What if you did run a half marathon? All you need to do to make something automatic is to do it 21 times and it then becomes a habit.

Your brain will then be switched on and you will be motivated to keep exercising, keep eating healthy foods, keep running…whatever your activity is.

So, when you write out your Christmas cards, MAKE SURE that you are genuine and you mean what you say.

Ps/ Under-promise but over-deliver!