Your Weight Loss Journey

This is my partner, Awne Emmerson who has been on a massive weight loss journey. I’ve only known Awne 6 months so this goes back before my time but I want to represent her journey on my blog so that all women can take inspiration from her story. To summarise, she says, “I changed because everything hurt…I couldn’t buy clothes to fit…I couldn’t walk up the stairs without dying.”

Weight LossBack in October 2011, this is how it started:

“A little about me…I’ve battled with my weight most of my life. I was just getting to where I wanted to be when I had an accident and broke my back!!! 7 years on and I was well enough to start walking…and walk I did, miles and miles, I was like the walking version of Forest Gump!!
“The weight fell off me and with a loss of 8 stones, I was looking forward to getting rid of the last 2 stones and getting all my excess skin cut off…revealing a new and improved me. That was until I took ill and ended up on hormone pills and gained almost all the weight back. Well here I am a year later, 44 years old, 8 stones (probably…I cant bear to step on the scales yet) overweight, my joints ache, my thighs rub and my bras dig in.  I’m a real woman with a normal life and a battle ahead of me, I’m sure there will be tears, tantrums and hopefully triumphs.”


Awne changed her eating habits (cutting out the crap so to speak) and started working with a Personal Trainer.

January 2012:

“To date, I have lost 23lbs and can tell now in my jeans (I can pull them up and down without unzipping them) and my bras have enough room in them now to tuck in my mobile phone, loose change, hairbrush etc). I’m really going to focus on losing 2lb a week so I can look good when I’m on my beach holiday.”

January 2013:

“Ok I’m almost 6 stones down from when I started my journey but still have a way to go. I have not been doing too well lately, making bad choices, drinking too much alcohol and snacking at work and my (almost) daily battle with the temptation of Haribo. I went primal for a while last year and I felt amazing, I started to lift weights and was really seeing changes in my body but after hurting my back on holiday in October, I kind of fell off the wagon…BUT…no more, that’s it, no more excuses, this year I will do it, this year I will be a success. I am back on the primal path and I am cutting out all alcohol (probably) and am starting to lift my weights again. I am going to weigh in weekly and post my loss (hopefully) on my blog. I SHALL BE ACCOUNTABLE!!!”

October 2013:

“I feel awesome!! I was just talking to my daughter about my journey…one of the things I still get most pleasure from is the water going right around me in the bath…I used to be a dam!! I can just lean forward to pull the plug out…I couldn’t do that either.”

You see, ANYBODY can do it. Anybody can change. It doesn’t matter where you are in your weight loss journey. It takes drive, motivation (lots of it), determination and also the help of others. You may need professional assistance from a Personal Trainer, a gym, a health club, whatever or whoever OR you can choose to do it on your own.

There will be many ups and downs along the way BUT…just look at what you can achieve!

Weight Loss