You’re hungry and you enter a supermarket – now what?

supermarketDisaster struck this morning!

My partner and I are on a new health kick – yes, we’re even healthier than before!!

We are primarily eating a primal diet – fish, lean meat, nuts, seeds, fruit, vegetables, nut butters, coconut milk/oil, sweet potatoes, dark chocolate, protein shakes etc. You get the idea.

We’re avoiding bread, sugar, processed foods and (when possible) dairy. We’re still enjoying the odd cup of coffee as we need a little caffeine pleasure!

Once you start on this sort of eating plan, it gets easier but you need to be prepared. In fact, preparation is the key to its success.

You need to plan what you’re going to buy then stick to the list once you go shopping. Don’t be fooled into the supermarket’s tricks and stay away from the temptations.

My day usually consists of: Porridge for breakfast (you can buy gluten-free oats and use coconut milk) including sliced banana, strawberries, flax seed, dark chocolate and nuts. That usually fills me up for a few hours.

Then I may have eggs with lightly sautéed asparagus and wilted spinach for lunch or a smoothie, consisting of coconut milk, avocado, courgette, strawberries, whey protein and ice.

If I’m hungry, I may snack on a 9 Bar or make some chilled date bombs (dates and whey protein mix blended and rolled in sesame seeds). You can use coconut oil or almond flakes instead of the protein mix.

My evening meal may be chicken breast with roasted vegetables, sweet potatoes in a red onion gravy (red onion lightly fried, then mixed with a little flour or ground oats, stock and balsamic vinegar).

All sounds great, eh?


What if I wasn’t prepared? What if I left the house and forgot to take my healthy food with me? I’m in a place with only pastry and sweet shops!

Oh wait, there’s a supermarket but only a small one. Let’s go inside…

I’m up and down the aisles, looking vacantly at the shelves. Crisps, fizzy pop, white bread sandwiches with mayo (always with mayo!!), sweets, biscuits, white pasta bowls full of sugar. There is NOTHING to eat here!

There HAS to be something…

The best I can do is choose tinned fish, organic houmous and some little egg balls. Not ideal but it was the best I could do.

Being unprepared can really scupper your healthy eating. Preparation is absolutely key if you want to achieve your healthy eating goals.

So, don’t be caught out and make a list of all the healthy foods you like and start preparing for the week ahead. Write out your meals and snacks for each day and keep to your list.

Most supermarkets and takeaways are not really health-friendly – most packaged foods are laden with hidden sugars and salt to make them taste nicer. The problem is we can become hooked on these foods – rather like a drug addiction. Your brain will expect the sugar rush.

Remember, I have eating guides to help you if you’re struggling to think of things to eat. Here are the links to help you:



Start with the basics then be a little more adventurous or use my trick, shove everything in a pan with a little oil and see what happens!!